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Rio de Janeiro Best Beaches – The Top 10 Worth-Going

Aerial view of Ipanema and Arpoador beaches. Rio de Janeiro beaches compete with the best city beaches in the world. In Rio alone there are 27 beaches, but in the Rio de Janeiro State there are more than 100! If you are a praia (beach) lover, Rio de Janeiro will be a paradise for you as there is an undeniably beach culture. Here are a few things that many Rio de Janeiro beaches have in common: Getting a good tan…read more

Christ the Redeemer Statue — The 11 Most Interesting Curiosities

Christ the Redeemer Statue is one of the most iconic images of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. Cristo Redentor (as it is called in Portuguese) is an architecture wonder, a tourist attraction, a religious symbol, a Rio de Janeiro’s landmark. There are dozens of curiosities, fun and interesting facts about Christ the Redeemer Statue. Here are 11 of them: 1. Corcovado Without the Statue People had been going to the summit of Corcovado Mountain way before the statue was built.…read more

Copacabana Beach: THE beach to go on your next vacation

Copacabana Beach is by far the most visited beach in Rio de Janeiro, the most famous one in Brazil, and one of the most known beaches in the world. When foreigners think “Rio de Janeiro” or “Brazil”, Copacabana Beach immediately comes to their minds (besides, of course, samba, football, beautiful women, carnival, 2016 Olympics, Christ statue, Sugar Loaf, and more).   Where is Copacabana Beach? Copacabana Beach is in the Copacabana neighborhood, which has more than 150,000 inhabitants — the…read more

Rio de Janeiro Nightspots: Watch live samba at a traditional place

Rio de Janeiro is famous for its daytime activities as well as for its nightspots. In fact, there are several great nightspots where locals go and where you — as a tourist — can safely enjoy an authentic live Brazilian music night out. Until the 1990s the nightspots were spread out all over Rio de Janeiro — and in a way they still are. However, nowadays there is an incredible concentration of nightspots, clubs, bars, and live music halls in the neighborhood of Lapa.…read more

What to see in Brazil

What to see in Brazil is definitely a broad question. Brazil is a huge country, with lots of great cities to see as well as popular beach towns, old fishing villages, colonial regions, jungles, and country-side destinations. Most people when think Brazil think Rio de Janeiro. Well, Rio de Janeiro is definitely its greatest attraction major city-wise. However, there are dozens of destinations worth-seeing. Read below the ones that could be in the top ten list. Florianópolis Floripa (as it is popularly called) is…read more

Rio de Janeiro: How to Save Money and Still Have Fun

Rio de Janeiro has become one of the most expensive cities in South America, and learning how to save money while on vacation in Rio became an important issue. In fact, price-wise Rio is only behind São Paulo, which is the financial capital of Brazil. The cost of living is approximately the same (and even higher) than in many other cities in the United States of America, Canada and in Europe. Therefore, tourists visiting Rio de Janeiro for a few…read more

Places to stay in Rio de Janeiro

There are hundreds of hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Besides, there are hundreds of self-catering fully-furnished holiday apartments for rent. In addition, there are dozens of youth hostels and a few boutique hotels in the different neighborhoods of Rio. There are also a few Bed & Breakfast Inns, but not as many as in off-Rio nearby tourist destinations such as Buzios, Paraty, Ilha Grande, and Ouro Preto. Finding an accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is not a problem, except right…read more

How safe is Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is an unique neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, with several overlooks, bars, restaurants, and cafés as well as home to the workshops of dozens of artists. The area is mostly famous for its old tram, which started been operated in 1896. Regrettably, due to an accident in August 2011 when five people died, the tram is out of operation for safety reasons. Authorities have announced that it will be back modernized and safe, possibly in 2014 (but much…read more

Visiting Rio de Janeiro on a business trip

Having limited time in Rio de Janeiro is not ideal, but if that’s all you have on a business trip you can still possibly organize your time to experience at least the landmarks. Even on a short business trip you will realize that Rio de Janeiro is beautiful, safe, lively, and absolutely worth-visiting —  it offers many attractions and activities. Limited time in Rio if you are on a business trip If you come to Rio to work and manage…read more

Safe Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

There are several safe hotels in Rio de Janeiro. As a matter of fact, the overwhelming majority of hotels in Rio de Janeiro are safe. (Note: recommended hotels are listed in My Rio Travel Guide — the most useful travel guidebook to Rio). Bear in mind that Rio is not as dangerous as you may think — remember that one occasional single bad event can travel fast and turn out to be ‘news’ while the good, safe, ordinary everyday life…read more